Friday, February 29, 2008

Quantum of Solace - Bond 22 in November 2008

Daniel Craig is James Bond.James Bond movie series is back to its roots with Daniel Craig:
the spy is made by the man, not by his electronic gizmos.
It is the twenty-second installment of the series, sothe press was expecting the movie to be called Bond 22. But finally it will be called Quantum of Solace.

Quantum of Solace should be released in early November 2008 in the USA.

Here the premise:
"Michael G. Wilson confirmed the film continues "literally an hour after" Casino Royale's conclusion, when a wounded Mr. White is shot and captured by Bond at Lake Como. Bond is then involved in a car chase in Siena, Italy. The official synopsis shows that White reveals to Bond and M that his organisation has agents in Her Majesty's Government and the Central Intelligence Agency. Forensic evidence of an MI6 traitor leads Bond to Haiti, where he meets Camille, who then helps him find Dominic Greene, a ruthless businessman and a member of the organisation known as Green Planet.

Greene intends to use his government contacts to help overthrow the current regime in a Latin American country, and place the exiled General Medrano as the head of state. Medrano will in exchange give him a barren piece of land, which will actually give them total control of "one of the world's most important natural resources". Bond travels to Austria and South America to unravel Greene's plan, staying one step ahead of the CIA, terrorists, and M whilst trying to keep his desire for retribution over Vesper Lynd's death in check." (Source: Wikipedia)

I wonder if we will see James Bond eating some tapas... That's a crucial issue if he goes to South America, isn't it?


James Bond Fan said...

Hopefully, the new Bond movie is even better than the last.

Dawn M. Nevills said...

Here is the Bond of old: a new twist on a cagier, thoroughly military man whose compassion is allowed in his sexual prowess, and his response to real pain - a Connery-esque bond for 2008, whose barely-restrained savagery is contained within a constantly shifting mass of wounded, guarded vulnerability, and unleashed solution. Craig has developed the character well. It is a Bond we have seen, and have not seen; no doubt not a favourite for the sardonic flair and savoir faire of a Roger Moore fan, but "scoring high" on the desire for a portrayal of a Bond who does his job, and does it well - without apology. My only lament is the "resource envy" of a Canadian agent "drowing in oil", the insensitive use of the word "gone native", in a New World, and the abruptness of the story's ending, after so much carefully planned action. It seemed almost, sadly, the response to a frazzled director's "wrap it up" - an afterthought answering the necessity for "plot resolution." Luckily, it was too late to care...