Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quantum of Solace Preview Clip

Daniel Craig is back as James Bond, agent 007, in Quantum of Soalce, the 22nd Bond movie.

Here below the first preview clip

Casual talk

Quantum of Solace Seond Clip:

M (Judi Dench) tries to figure out if Bond (Daniel Craig) is trustworthy, she fears indeed that he may want revenge for the death of Vesper (Eva Green).

Using communication earpieces James Bond is eavesdropping a conversation between the members of mysterious organisation Quantum, led by Mathieu Amalric's businessman Dominic Greene, have chosen an outdoor production of Tosca for a secret meeting.

CIA agent Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) is asked to kill Bond (Daniel Craig).

In Quantum of Solace, directed by Marc Forster, James Bond is on a mission of vengeance following the death of Vesper Lind. He will have to confront Mathieu Amalric in the role of the villain.


Lucy said...

Haven't seen the film yet but lots of people are is more Jason Bourne than James Bond

shaokora said...

Bond is back in action as the director says the title may be odd, but the plot is familiar. Yet again I am surprised with the action and technology used by the movie Quantum of Solace .One was Bond's cell phone camera capabilities, it is very much related to the current political frame I think

Janet Thompson Deaver said...

To Mr. Craig the trailers on this page thrill and chill me. This weekend we have a theatrical date! Thanks for taking the Dalton attitude toward “James Bond” then making him your own…true to life and Sir Ian!
When CASINO ROYALE came to the local cinema, I went, paid then viewed Daniel Craig as “James Bond,” “the man” just as Sir Ian Fleming wrote him for the second time; however, BEST…to date. The final dialogue “Bond…James Bond” brought a “heat” within and a flush that I relish! ;-). Sir Sean Connery is a magnificent actor but “Bond” was he and not the character. Lazenby…who? Sir Roger Moore’s acting I respect but disrespect what he and Mr. Broccoli did to “Bond.” Then the REAL “James Bond” finally entered the worldwide cinemas. Timothy Dalton proved in both LIVING DAYLIGHTS and LICENSE TO KILL that not only did ”James Bond” shed real tears but also bled real blood. It’s a travesty he did not make one more “Bond” film. Mr. Dalton’s “Bond” portrayals were not “well given” performances but brilliant. Pierce Brosnan falls unfortunately into the “thoughtless” category, as did Sir Roger when he entered. Once THE SAINT aka “Simon Templar” always “Templar.” Much goes the same for Mr. Brosnan who attempted but failed to “become” “James Bond.” Once “Remington Steele” always “Remington Steele.” Mr. Brosnan, knowing how much you wanted to BE “Bond” you never “became” him. Again, kudos to Daniel Craig! See you at the movies! ~ JTD